UV-C Water Purifier S-Serie


S Serie

When potable or process water have to be sterilised reliably, it’s worth applying the “S-class” from STERILSYSTEMS. Simple mode of operation in combination with a secure and uncomplicated handling also mean a maximum of security during the running operation, when it’s about killing off undesirable germs.

The UV light provides, that all precious minerals rest in the water, and as there is no chemistry applied, the process of disinfection takes place tasteless and without residuals, and obviously failure-free The assembly to existing systems and pressure lines is as simple as could be the power supply is effected by a common safety plug.


STERILSYSTEMS produces the devices of high-quality stainless steel with an extra high surface finish. So the units meet even the highest hygiene requirements. The UV emitters with the protection tubes are integrated in the housing, without permitting a pressure loss. The front end and control electronics, as well as the indication instruments are placed in the switch box. The S-series gets assembled by an external thread based on inch system. And if there were a malfunction of the emitter, it will be indicated by an operation lamp.

The water sterilisation devices of the S-series from STERILSYSTEMS may easily and with few movements be integrated to the existing pressure line. The high performance emitters guarantee an extremely long operational life span with constant output. The change may be realised by the customer, without any extra maintenance charges or deactivation of the water.

  • Simply installation
    Water disinfection equipment from the S-series of STERILSYSTEMS can be integrated easily and with little effort into existing pressure lines
  • Purely physical disinfection

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