TECHPLUS Non-pressurised Thermal Storage Tank

Storage Heat Exchanger

Techplus storage heat exchanger is different from conventional pressurized tank / calorifier
because it is a combination of hot water storage and instantaneous water heater which adopts
the indirect working principle. Owing to this concept it offers the highest level of hygiene and
same time allow the storage tank to work under non-pressurized condition hence giving the
tank an excellent lifespan.

Key features

  • Safety

    As the tank is non-pressurized the risk of over-pressure or a highly unlikely event
    of explosion can be totally eliminated.

  • Non-pressurized tank

    The fact that the domestic water is flowing through the SS316 coil means the
    storage tank / storage water is non-pressurized hence the tank is not under ‘stress’
    and this increase the tank lifespan.

  • Anti-legionella tank

    As the domestic water is heated and carried in the SS316 coil the risk of generation
    of dangerous legionella bacteria which can arise in large volume tanks are not

  • Hygienic water

    Since the domestic water (flowing through the SS316 coil) is separated from the
    storage water, issues of cross-contamination is eliminated. This means the outgoing
    domestic water (hot water) quality is as good as the incoming water (cold water)

  • Modular and flexible

    The heating of the storage water can be done through various heat source eg. heat
    pump, solar, gas heater, electric heater and/or heat recovery. In the event where
    more storage volume is required the tank can be connected in parallel to form a
    bigger storage.

Heat Pump

We offer full range of heat pump from residential unit to large commercial and/or industrial
type. Different type of heat pump is available – air to water, water to water, high temperature
heat pump, swimming pool heat pump etc.

Our OEM manufactures high quality products back by advanced production and testing
equipments and TUV accredited test laboratory.

The heat pump can work as an individual unit or in modular form to produce and meet higher
heating demand. A wide range of heating capacity heat pump is available to meet all your
heating demand.

Advantages of Heat Pump

There are many advantages in using heat pump, among the key benefits are

  • Energy saving: With a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.5 – 4.0, heat pump
    only utilize 1/3 to 1/4 of electricity compare to a conventional electric heating element
  • Green product: Using only environmental friendly refrigerant e.g. R134a, R410a,
    R417a or R407c
  • Economical and durable: Long lasting with its major components using
    internationally recognized brand
  • Continuous hot water supply: Works under any weather conditions, 24 hours a day,
    365 days a year.
  • Intelligence control: Unit works automatically and safely with its built-in controller
    and safety protection features

Technical Specification
Description Specification
Working Principle Indirect heating
Tank Type Non-Pressurized
Storage Capacity, litre 450
Inner Tank Material SUS304
Thickness, mm 2mm
Outer Shell Material Painted Steel, 0.5mm thk
Insulation 80mm thk CFC-Free Polyurethane
Max. Operating Pressure, bar 6
Max. Operating Temperature, ℃ 90
Dimension, mm OD:760 x H:1790
Weight, kg 105
Electric Heater 1 x 1ph/3kW
Water Inlet & Outlet Connection G 1”
PT Valve Yes
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