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TECHPLUS_LOGO_FINALTechplus Engineering Sdn Bhd is your one stop energy solution provider in developing a cost effective and energy efficient system for your cooling and heating needs. We offer a wide range of quality, reliable and highly efficient products to suit individual’s requirement.

The company has grown over the years since its’ inception in year 2008. In the early days, Techplus Engineering Sdn Bhd focus on cooling application and has since involved in both cooling and heating due to its’ commitment in creating a better tomorrow for the future generation by delivering quality sustainable energy solutions.

Our product range from cooling application suitable for various sectors which includes server/data room, packaging, plastic & rubber, F&B, agriculture & farming, chemical & pharmaceutical industry to heating application eg. hot water system for industrial, commercial & residential. Sterilisation system for water, air and surface by means of UV-C disinfection is also one of our core products. We also carry solar electric solution, be it as small as a mini solar lantern, solar street light to as big as a solar power system. PV-T hybrid solar collector which generates both electricity and usable thermal heat (hot water) at the same time from one panel is the latest addition in our product line up.

Today it’s everyone responsibility to conserve energy and with energy prices on the uptrend, it is vital that an effective and efficient energy solution is on the drawing board during design stage and implemented in order for individual / individual company to play a role in energy conservation and at the same time reduce operating cost, hence maximizing saving. This is what exactly Techplus Engineering Sdn Bhd can help you by designing a sustainable solution, choosing the right equipment and implementing an optimized system.


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