Water Treatment

Synergy Cooling Tower Water Treatment System


Industrial / Commercial HVAC Condensing Water System (Cooling Pool /Cooling Tower), covering
industries include hotel, shopping mall, office building, hospital, casino, stadium, die casting,
injection molding, air compressor, rubber, pharmaceutical, electronics and etc.

System Operating Principle

System Operation Overview

SYNERGY® Fully / Semi-Automatic Circulating Water Treatment System is divided into six parts:
PLC Control, Preliminary Filtration, Electronic Circulating Water Sensors, Intensify Filtration,
Biological Disinfection Units and Electronic Descaling system. The design aims at environmental
protection and safety, resulting in the production of cost effective and efficient cooling
tower water treatment system.

Case Study

Five Star Hotel

  • SYNERGY system applied on 26 November 2007.
  • Electricity consumption of central air-conditioning system reduced by 211,750 kwh, or 9.55%, in the year 2008.
  • Heat exchange efficiency of condensing water system improved up to 14.83%.
  • Cooling efficiency of chilled water system improved up to 21.93%
  • Replace traditional chemical water treatment, support environment protection.
  • Annual electricity saving: 9.55%
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