UV-C Water Purifier Aquastera


ASUV und A Serie

Potable water and its quality: with AQUASTERA STERILSYSTEMS has developed a UV disinfection system, that provides for a reliable sterilisation without any chemistry – without any alteration of the primordial water quality.

The pH-value, savour and odour, colour and mineral nutrients: all of them rest unaltered. Disinfection of the potable or process water means a reduction of the pathogenic germs, proven in the water of 99,999 per cent. In order to reach this optimum value, AQUASTERA operates with a dosage of 400 J/m². It is proven by the biodosimetrical test and certified in accordance to DVGW W-294 as well as the Ö-Norm 5873-1.

No matter if you want to keep sterile potable, process or waste water: the areas of application are complex, the effect however always the same: just microbiological pure water – no ifs, no buts. Undesirable bacterial burdens get suppressed, valuable minerals rest preserved, because no chemistry is applied. The sterilisation certainly is effected absolutely tasteless and without residua.

  • drinking water supply
  • hospitals and clinics
  • industrial process waters
  • pure and ultrapure water sterilisation
  • pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • equipment for cold and hot water
  • beverage industryand breweries
  • prophylaxis of legionella
  • food industry
  • swimming bath and Jakuzzi bath
  • flow limitation
  • flow control unit with contact water counter
  • temperature control with throw valve
  • compression couplings
  • lock valve
  • alarm signal transmission by cable or wireless
  • solar electricity supply
  • compact construction
  • electropolished V4A vault, meant for an operating
  • pressure up to 12 bar
  • sample taking device, flamable during the input and outlet
  • electronic control gear with integrated emitter control
  • selective UV-C intensity control according to
  • DVGW-standard W-294 and Ö-standard 5873-1
  • LCD with indication of the abs. UV-C intensity in W/m2
  • rel. in %, operating hours and dosage in J/m2
  • potential-free signaling contacts for alert and
  • pre-alarm 4 – 20 mA
  • outlet for the activation of a throw valve
  • possibility of remote control
  • with mains failure protection
  • high performance emitter with longlife technology
  • high quality brittle resin protection tubes
  • integrated wall fastening panel
  • very economical, low power drain
  • simple assembly, clear assembly instruction
  • simplest operation

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