Techplus All-in-one Heat Pump

All-in-one Heat Pump

Heat Pump Water Heater is essentially the combination of an air-to-water heat pump with the
storage tank to form an integral unit. Because of its compact and elegance outlook & design,
heat pump water heater is most suitable for residential – condominium, small household landed
unit and/or resort & villa.

Special features of Techplus All-In-One

  • Micro-channel heat coil – greatly enlarges the available contact surface between
    inner water tank and heat coil thus enhance the performance of the heat pump water
  • Enamel tank – the enamel is brushed inside the water tank which is of high corrosion
    resistance and of great pressure bearing. Because of the enamel lining, it separates the
    stainless steel panel with the water which prolongs the life span of the unit
  • Tranquil flow technology – the application of tranquil flow technology ensures stable
    water temperature and the actual volume of hot water can also be increased by 30%
    or more

  • Selected compressor is compatible with other components
    of the unit to ensure optimum performance
  • Air exchanger (fin-coil) with hydrophilic coating is not
    easy to condensate and has high efficiency
  • 50mm thick foaming insulation material ensures a good
    insulation effect of the tank
  • Heating coil wrapped outside the tank greatly prolongs the
    lifespan of the unit
  • Refrigerant R134a is more environmentally-friendly
     Unit comes with electrical back up heating element
  • Expansion valve controls the refrigerant volume accurately
    and reduces energy consumption
  • Noise reduction design ensures a quiet operation

Technical Specification
TP Pump 1
Model TP008‐200LD (E)‐J TP008‐300LD (E)‐J
Heating Capacity (kW) 1.8
Storage Tank Capacity (litre) 200 300
Input Power (kW) 0.46
Max. Current (A) 8.92
COP* 3.91
Inner Tank Material Enamel Coated
Housing Material Color Steel Plate
Rated/Max. Outlet Water Temperature (℃) 55 / 60
Capacity (L/hr@ΔT:33℃) 47
Capacity (L/hr@ΔT:5℃) 309
Ambient Temperature (℃) 0 ‐ 40
IP Rating IPX 1
Noise Level (dBA) < 45
Refrigerant R134a
Built‐in electric heater capacity (kW) 1.5 1.5
Dimension (mm) OD 560 x 1743 H OD 640 x 1876 H
Weight when not filled (kg) 92 112
Connections (mm) DN20
Power Supply 220‐240V/1ph/50Hz

* Based on ambient temp DB/WB: 15℃/13℃, Water inlet & outlet: 15℃ & 45℃

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