ROTEX thermal stores

ROTEX thermal stores

The ROTEX thermal store is a combination of hot water storage tank and instantaneous water
heater. The domestic water to be heated is conveyed and heated through a separate high-performance heat exchanger made of stainless steel. Water that is charged first is also the first to be removed (first-in first-out principle).

The tank temperature of the ROTEX thermal store can be reduced from 60 °C to 50 °C, according to DIN 1988-200. The amended DIN 1988-200 permits reduction of the tank temperature from 60 °C to 50 °C in central hot water storage tanks with increased water exchange rates (in Germany).

The drinking water is contained in a high-performance heat exchanger made of durable stainless steel (INOX). Your drinking water remains perfectly hygienic.

The storage tank water is added at commissioning and serves only for thermal storage. It is not exchanged and consumed. The inner and outer walls are impact-resistant polypropylene, the space in-between is filled with highly heat insulating foam. This results in very good heat insulation values and minimum surface losses.

Variable in use

The heating of the storage tank water, and thus the charging of the storage tank, can take place using various different heat sources:

  • With heating water: Boilers, heat pumps or remote heat generate the heat that is introduced via the stainless steel heat exchanger.
  • With solar energy: E. g. via the ROTEX Solaris system.
  • With an electric immersion heater: The hot water (domestic) is heated by an electric immersion heater made of stainless steel which is immersed in the storage tank water.

The hot ticket for convenient heating

Maximum hygiene and convenience
Economical, safe and flexible

Energy saving: The improved storage tank and cover insulation made from PU rigid foam reduces the heat losses to an absolute minimum. This protects the environment and your wallet.

Low scaling: On commissioning, the storage tank is filled with tap water which is not exchanged during operation. Thus, only the lime contained in this water can be deposited; all the heat exchanger pipes remain free of limescale, as does the electric immersion heater, which is available as an option. On the inner surface of the heat exchanger pipes, the high flow speed when the water is removed releases smaller scale deposits.

Long-life and safe: The materials used (plastic and stainless steel) ensure the ROTEX thermal store has a particularly long life and will provide you with hygienic hot water for decades.

It‘s better to trust experience.

ROTEX has been making thermal storage tanks for optimum water hygiene for 25 years. The design of the storage tanks has been continuously optimized to ensure that the heated domestic water only stays in the storage tank. This means that neither deposits nor bacteria can arise.

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